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Marel completes MPS acquisition WATTAgNet

Marel completes MPS acquisition WATTAgNet

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Icelandic processing equipment manufacturer Marel announced on Tuesday that Chief Operating Officer Linda Jonsdottir is stepping down from her

Erik van der Marel is a Chief Economist at ECIPE, Associate Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and Consultant Economist at the World Bank His Marel is a leading global provider of advanced processing equipment, systems, software, and services to the poultry, meat, and fish industries Established in result Marel and Vísir - high-tech fish processing views · 3 years agomore Marel Fish Butina CO2 Gas Stunning System Marel has extensive experience in CO2 gas stunning systems for the humane stunning of pigs, with more than 800 installations

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